Still stuck in that time when we called it love


Hello lovelies, hope you're all doing well. I'm sure you've seen lots of these posts lately but if you haven't RedRock are holding a little competition that you can read about here and this is my entry. I decided to make quite a simple & casual look so I wanted to create a small contrast between the girly colours and prints with the black and some studs on the shoes to make it a bit more interesting.  I didn't use any jewellery as I think the dress is quite busy and I didn't want to take any attention off it. What do you think? Or is it not really your style?


  1. love the outfit you've put together, the studied shoes look great. x x

  2. I really love the cardigan it looks so nice and girly! :D

  3. love the cardi and black bag/studded pumps combo!

    I've nominated you over on my blog for the "Liebster Award"

    check it out and pass along, it's a great idea for new bloggers to start up :D


  4. I love this knitted cardigan!
    follwing you now, i hope you'll follow me back (:


  5. Your blog is super lovely! Really love your sense of style! The shoes and knitted cardi are perfects :)
    Cant wait to see more from you! I am now following

  6. Awesome items, love that nail polish! xx

  7. Oh I love that cardigan! So pretty! And that nail varnish looks amazing on, it's one of my favourites x


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