I wanna scream until the words dry out

^Not relevant at all but Barney enjoying the snow 

Hello lovelies, hope you're all doing well. Once again I seem to be starting off with an apology but I think it's only fair since I haven't posted for well over a month *slaps wrist* but for once, I actually have a valid reason...my dell laptop has completely died on me so I've lost everything (Photoshop, pictures, music, the lot ): ). So I hope you guys understand why I haven't updated and stuff but I'm going to try and blog more from my mum's laptop. Can you recommend some good laptops? I need to start saving for a new one.

 The last month or so has been exciting as I've found out that my last day of compulsory schooling is the 24th of May (A month before my birthday;D), which is actually not that far away and then I'm free...well, not quite as my GCSE exams start on the 13th of May but shh. I've also chosen my A-level options for Sixth form; History, Psychology, English Literature and Chemistry which I'm really looking forward to because I get to drop P.E and Maths sixth form just seems so much better, however, please feel free to share the reality below;D