DIY- Bunting

What you will need: 
-coloured string/cord of your choice  
-pen or pencil 
-hole punch  
-patterned card or fabric (I got mine from the range) 
-a piece of paper or card


01.) On your piece of paper or card, go around the edge of  your patterned card or fabric so that you have the outline of it. Then using your ruler, measure how long the edge of patterned card is and find the middle of it (in my case, my card was 15cm long so the middle would be 7.5cm) and mark it on your piece of paper.

02.) Then using your mark as a guide, draw a straight line down the middle. Using a ruler, connect the end of your line to the top two corners to form a triangle shape.

03.) Cut out your triangle and hole punch near the top. This is your template for all your pieces of bunting.

04.) Place your template on your piece of card or fabric and trace around it. (TIP: turn the card over and trace the outline on the back as this stops you seeing the pencil line) Then follow the steps as before: cut out your triangle and hole punch it near the top. Then repeat for a different patterned card or fabric until you have reached your desired number of triangles.

05.) To join your pieces of bunting together, you need to grab your string or cord (I didn't cut mine until the very end, when I had all my pieces of bunting on it, so just reeled it off it's spinney-thing < my brilliant piece of description, but hopefully you understand what I mean?) and thread it through the first hole and then pull it across and thread it through the second hole (through the back to the front and then the front to the back). Then pull quite a lot of the string through so you can add another piece of bunting, then repeat the steps again until you have added all of your pieces of bunting and yours should begin to look a little something like mine in the picture below.  Once you've added all the bunting, you can now cut the string (I'd leave about 15cm at each end so you can hang up your bunting) and you're done.

Hopefully, you all enjoyed the tutorial and understood what was happening, I'm not the best at explaining things, so if you need any extra help just ask in the comments:) I'd love to see how yours turned out.


  1. Haha, great post. Thanks for your comment Stacey! x

  2. Wauw thats so cute! xx

  3. I'm definitely going to have to try my hand at this. I've wanted bunting for above my window for some time and I've never found anything I love. This way I'll be able to have exactly what I want. Thank you! x

  4. This is such a cute idea! it's my birthday coming up in few weeks so I may have a go at making some DIY decorations, great tutorial! :) want to follow each other? let me know!


  5. This is genius! I'll definitely do this if I have a party x Thanks ♥
    ps I'm your first liker on fb :D


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