Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream Review


I don't enjoy saying negative things about a product as just because it didn't work for me, doesn't necessarily mean it won't work for others, but I personally feel really disappointed with this cream. Firstly, I think it's really expensive for a tiny 50ml pot- don't get me wrong, when compared to the price of some high-end moisturisers £10 is still relatively cheap, but for me it was still quite a lot. However, I had heard many good things about The Body Shop's Vitamin E range so I bit the bullet and bought it. At the end of the first day, my skin felt a bit funny but I just thought that it must be because it's a new product that my skin was not used to so I continued for about a week, hoping it would improve. I don't want to sound like I'm blowing my own trumpet but my skin was quite good and soft before I started using it and by the end of the week, my skin was really rough, quite tight and I had broken out. 

To its defence, it did sink into the skin quickly and it has a lovely smell but I do regret buying it as it did not benefit my skin (which is normal to dry) in the slightest. Have you ever used this cream? How did you get on with it?

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  1. I usually dislike writing negative reviews, but I'd prefer to be warned about a product than not to be so now i don't even worry about negative reviews! Since Lush has gotten to be such a popular brand I've strayed away from the Body Shop. I feel as though the body shop rides on the fact that it doesn't test on animals and it's good for th environment yet Lush offers this but with better products!


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