Please send help, exams are coming


Hello lovelies, hope you're all doing well. Just wanted to let you guys know that my exams are in less than a week so I hope you can understand why I am finding it hard to blog at the moment so I'm just going to take a little break until they're all done and dusted. If you have exams too: good luck! Speak to you all soon xx


  1. I hear you out, girl! I have my major examinations in a fortnight, all of which I am most definitely not looking forward to. Here's to both of us, and best wishes for yours x


  2. yes dear I'm in the exam boat. not all that much fun!
    bella xx

  3. Random, but I have the same laptop as you haha! Good luck with the exams, know how it all feels!
    followed you too lovely :) I'm over at xxx


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