Room snippets


My room is the place where I spend pretty much 98% of my time (the other 2% is spent either in school or in the kitchen- I live a very thrilling life) and it's took me a while to organise things and get it to be a space that represents me. When these shelves were first built, I hated them; I couldn't arrange things so they looked nice and it just always looked a mess. But after spending hours pouring over the internet at interiors for inspiration and finding cute little things to fill them up with, I began to like them and now I don't think I could be without them. Overall, I think my room is a mixture of vintage/shabby chic, floral, with a hint of pink and a dash of cosiness but with a quite minimalist touch? Does that even work? 

What's your room like? 
P.S. You can learn how to make my bunting here and if you want to know where anything is from, feel free to ask in the comments:)