PR, Business Enquires & Advertisements

PR Companies:

I'm happy to receive items to review or to show on my blog, as long as I feel it fits in with my blog and readers. Any items that I have received will be marked with a *. If the item has been sent in order to be reviewed, it will not affect my opinion on the product and I will always post a honest review.

Business Enquires & Advertisements: 

Again, I am open to any business enquires or advertisements but will only accept if I feel it fits my blog and audience, eg a jewellery line, clothing brand etc. As blogging is my hobby, I have no set price for advertisements and I am open to negotiate on a fair price.  
Advertisements with other bloggers:
I love advertising with other bloggers as you're all part of the same community so don't feel it's right to charge for this, instead I offer an "ad swap" on my blog. As the name suggests, we simply swap buttons with each other, free of charge, so we both gain some exposure.

If you are interested in any of the above, or have any questions/queries, please email me at 

People/Companies I've worked with: